I would like to be able to take multiple files found in subdirectories and be able to move them dynamically after renaming. For example, I believe program currently limits me to move all renamed files from various subdirectories to a single specified target directory. I would also like ability to do something like rename all those files and then move each of them to their respective parent directories instead of all of them being moved to same target directory.

This is handy when you have a directory tree containing a subfolder for each folder. For example, ParentDIR > ChildDIR(01-99) > GrandChildDir. So each of the 99 ChildDIR's under the main ParentDIR contains its own GrandChildDIR. In each GrandchildDIR there is an identically named file. Assuming I use renamer's "Scan Subfolder" feature to rename all these files (still identicle) housed in the various GrandchildDIR's, then I would want to be able to move each of them up one directory to their respective ChildDIR. Currently seems as if I can only move them all to the same target directory which is not good since they are all identically named and would be impossible to resort them back to their appropriate ChildDIRs from the target directory.

Please let me know if I am missing something. If not, that would be a great feature for future update.