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Thread: EXIF question

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    EXIF question

    Currently using Basic, prior to upgrading I'm having an issue with the EXIF info in FileReNamer.

    From within Picasa, I can can see the date taken is correctly displaying 2008:05:28 as the date the photo was taken. However when I use FileRenamer and Insert keyword <exif_yyyy>-<exif_mm>-<exif_dd> I get 1899-12-30 as a result.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? My goal is to rename files based on the date the photo was taken on the camera. Modified date will not suffice as photos have been edited at various times. I've also tried the 'File Created' date and it appears to be grabbing the date it was copied to the folder in which it resides (also erroneous relative to date taken).

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    This has been fixed in version 6.3, you can download it from:


    the support team

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