Application Development

We have a variety of software to handle all sorts of tasks, both in windows GUI mode and in DLL / OCX / COM / ActiveX components to help you create your own applications. Sometimes, you might need a piece of software to do something specialized that nothing out there will do. That's where our custom application development services comes in. We can custom write an application from scratch or modify one of our existing programs to meet your needs.

We also understand that some projects are very time sensitive, and depending on what needs to be done, we can often provide a solution in a little as one day! (rush charges may apply). If you're not in a rush, we can typically provide a solution in less than one week (with no rush charges).

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Examples of custom projects

Customized File Renamer to handle specilized input/output logging and handle specific keystrokes to allow a data input center to quickly open a document, and rename based on it's contents (auto-guessing if possible what the filename should be) and exporting a specific type of log file to meet the requirements of an outside application.

Customized Tiff Splitter Deluxe to split documents based on blank pages. So, if there was a 100 page document with a blank page at the 3rd, 10th, and 30th page, then the splitter would return a 2 page document (pages 1-2 - and delete blank page 3), 5 page (4-9 - delete page blank 10), 18 page (11-29 - delete blank page 30), and finally a 69 page document (pages 31-100). Thus allowing you to scan in multiple projects all at once with only a separator page and have the program break them back down for you.

Created a custom merger software that would convert PDF/JPEG/BMP to TIFF and merge selected tiffs together while showing a preview. The merged documents were automatically moved to the specified location and the originals were deleted.

Created a very lightweight program that would sit in a directory and merge every other file together as one. For example, if there were 10,000 documents in a directory that were originally double sided documents, but were scanned in as single page TIFFs. This program create 5,000 2 page documents (which would represent the front and back of the original documents). In our tests, on an average computer, it would process about 1000 files per minute.

Database driven faxing application that will watch a folder and fax documents based on the filename. So, you could drop 1000 documents in a folder being watched by the program, and based on part of the filename, the program would recognize where to fax it to, then fax it, log the entry, and move the file to the specified storage location.

Many other small projects have been created, this gives an idea of the kinds of customizations we can do.

We can develop in C++, Visual C++, VB, VB.NET, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion and we can mix programming languages when needed (i.e. create DLL's that can be used by the web programming languages

We can also finish projects that others started but wouldn't or couldn't complete.

We have extensive experience in creating:

  • Web sites

  • iPhone / iPad applications

  • Intranet sites

  • Database driven applications

  • Spider programs (programs that crawl through web sites and look for or process information)

  • E-Commerce sites

  • Cross website sync programs

  • Custom applications

Please contact us with your custom project to go over details and get a quote with an estimated time frame.