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Latest Version: 1.3.2
Release Date: 1-7-08
Notes on New Release: Minor updates to the command line processing.

Version: 1.3.1
Release Date: 10-5-05
Notes on New Release: Fixed an issue that could cause the Tiff Page Counter program to crash at startup if the last used directory was no longer present. Now the program will default to the 'c:\' path if the prior one is not available.

Version: 1.3
Release Date: 11-11-03
Notes on New Release: Version 1.3 adds support for Mac format TIFF files - now all known TIFF formats are supported

The trial version for TIFF Page Counter Deluxe works exactly the same as the registered version excpet the trial version will only return the first ten pages of a page count. Any TIFF files which contains more than ten pages will be returned as a ten page TIFF.

No time limit exists for the trial version.

Pricing for the TIFF Page Count Deluxe is as follows:

  • Single User License: $60.00 (US Dollars)
  • Multiple User License (2-5 users): $50.00 each (US Dollars)
  • Site License: $199.00 (US Dollars)

Of course when you purchase TIFF Page Counter Deluxe you will receive the fully functional TIFF Page Count Dll at no extra charge!

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