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Latest Version: 1.3.2
Release Date: 3-22-2010
Notes: Minor update to the merging routing to fix a bug that occurred with some rare files

Latest Version: 1.3.1
Release Date: 7-28-2008
Notes: Minor update, fixed a command line issue whereby the output filename would be all lower case even if it was specified to be upper and lower case. Now, upper and lower case output file names can be used.

Version: 1.2.8
Release Date: 10-17-2007
Notes: Minor update, added more error checking to make the program more stable. Also added some additional error handling to the command line options.

Version: 1.2.7
Release Date: 2-26-2007
Notes: Minor update, fixes a bug that can affect an extremely rare kind of tiff file.

Version: 1.2.6
Release Date: 7-29-2005
Notes: Minor update, now you can select multiple files and update the page selection for all of them.

Version: 1.2.5
Release Date: 4-5-2005
Notes: Updated the merging routine to work with a few more non-conforming TIFF files.

Version: 1.2.4
Release Date: 3-3-2005
Notes: Fixed an issue with saving the registration information regardless of how the program is terminated. Also made a slight upgrade to the Merging routine.

Version: 1.2.2
Release Date: 9-2-2004
Notes: Fixed a couple minor bugs in the merging routine

Version: 1.2 beta
Release Date: 8-10-2004
Notes: Fixed a minor bug in the merging routine that could build a new invalid Tiff file in an extremely rare type of Tiff files.

Version: 1.1 beta
Release Date: 7-30-2004
Notes: Fixed a fairly major bug in the merging routine that could build a new Tiff file with the wrong number of pages.

Version: 1.0.2 beta
Release Date: 7-15-2004
Notes: Fixed a bug in the merging routine that could cause an invalid Tiff file in a limited number of situations.

Version: 1.0 beta
Release Date: 7-8-2004
Notes: The demo is fully functional but is missing the documentation. Please e-mail with any suggestions or bug notices.

The trial version for TIFF Merger Deluxe works exactly the same as the registered version excpet the trial version will only create a file up to a total of 10 pages

Simple program to merge Tiff files into one single multi-page tiff file. You have several methods you can use to merge tiff files into one. You can use the command-line support, add a single file, add a directory (including sub-folders), and even drag and drop tiff files to be merged. This is one of the easiest and fastest programs available to combine tiff files.

No time limit exists for the trial version.

Pricing for the TIFF Page Merger Deluxe is as follows:

  • Single User License: $95.00 (US Dollars)
  • Multiple User License (2-4 users): $85.00 each (US Dollars)
  • Site License: $295.00 (US Dollars)

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