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Cick here to Download the sherrod FTP FREE Edition Click here to Upgrade to the Deluxe Edition

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Registration key is now provided instantly when you upgrade to deluxe!

sherrod FTP is now available!
Current version: 1.3.2

Works with 2000 / XP / Vista

FTP Client - Vista Support - FREE FTP

Cick here to Download the sherrod FTP FREE Edition Click here to Upgrade to the Deluxe Edition

sherrod FTP was developed to be a great looking, fully functional FREE FTP client.

In order to keep development going on it, we do have a Deluxe version which offers some additional features, but the FREE version should satisfy 95% of the FTP users out there.

sherrod FTP Client supports multi-threaded uploads/downloads, multiple server connections (tab based), scheduled tasks to upload or download files, sync folders (great for doing backups), automatic PGP encryption/decryption of files (Deluxe version only), drag/drop support, quick history login, and many - many more features!


Options    FREE Deluxe
    Price Free $19.95
    Home Use File_Renamer File Rename
    Commercial Use File_Renamer File Rename
    Multiple server connections (tab based) File_Renamer File Rename
    Multi-threaded transfers File_Renamer File Rename
    Secure FTP support File_Renamer File Rename
    Log Viewer File_Renamer File Rename
    Quick History File_Renamer File Rename
    Favorites Manager File_Renamer File Rename
    Store up to 20 favorites File_Renamer File Rename
    Store Unlimited favorites Rename Files File Rename
    Automatic PGP Encryption / Decryption Rename Files File Rename
    Up to 3 server tabs at once File_Renamer File Rename
    Virtually Unlimited server tabs at once Rename Files File Rename
    Command line options File_Renamer File Rename
    One Scheduled Job (includes backups, sync'ing folders, etc...) File_Renamer File Rename
    Virtually Unlimited Scheduled Jobs Rename Files File Rename
    View Log of Uploaded / Downloaded files File_Renamer File Rename
    Drag and drop files / folders to upload / download File_Renamer File Rename
    One year of free registered updates Rename Files File Rename
    Help support continued development of sherrod FTP Rename Files File Rename
    2000/XP/Vista File_Renamer File Rename